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What is a unit?

Units are a measure of how much you bet on a game. Since all players in betting have different large bankrolls, one unit corresponds differently from one person to another. The unit system can be designed to different levels but the most popular is to use a scale from 1 to 5 units, where 5 corresponds to a maximum bet which should only be used if one finds an extreme value in a game. This system is used by Bet Adviser and will design the picks for the customer.

Example. 1 unit = 1 % of 1000$ = 10$

Wich betting website shall i use?

Bet Adviser is not a part of a collaboration with any betting company and therefore we cannot recommend you to a specific site. However, we want you to choose the site that you feel comfortable with and which is also user-friendly. This is important as you should act a bit quicker in our live sessions.

What guarantees do I have?

Bet Adviser never guarantees that your coupons will be redeemed as a winning. A large part of our business is based on trust, where we see a long-term relationship in the collaboration that should ultimately lead to all of your bets being done through our careful and consistent analyzes. This also requires a player's responsibility to maintain a consistent following of the selected games, keeping in mind that you always play with what you can afford.

Wich sports do you cover?

Mostly our picks Will be aimed at soccer and secondary the time will be distributed between MMA, hockey & futsal. All